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Fast hosting

Good choice for your sites

Stable performance and speed

Our hosting will ensure stable and fast operation of your projects, because we use Linux Ubuntu and licensed equipment.

Control system

A simple and intuitive site management system will allow you to conveniently manage the file system, databases and quickly create and configure mail.


Automatic backups keep your data safe, in case things don’t go according to plan, you can always go back a step.


Automatic installation of applications will save you time on deploying your usual CMS – systems such as WordPress, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Drupal, etc…

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates protect your customers’ sensitive information by encrypting data during transmission. We provide free (Let’s Encrypt), which will reliably protect the site from hacking.

30 days for a refund

If you are not satisfied with our services, you can return the funds within 30 days.

Frequently asked Questions

What is hosting?
Hosting – A service for providing resources for placing information on a server that constantly has access to the network. Usually, the hosting service is included in the site maintenance package and implies, at a minimum, the placement of site files on the server that runs the software necessary to process requests for these files (web server). As a rule, maintenance already includes providing space for mail correspondence, databases, DNS, file storage on a dedicated file server, etc., as well as supporting the functioning of the corresponding services.
How to link a domain to hosting
To link a domain to our hosting, you need to go to your personal account on the website of the company through which you purchased the domain name. In the domain settings, you must specify the DNS of your hosting provider.
If you have chosen our hosting, then you will find the DNS records in the instruction message after purchase.
How to host a website?
You need to log in to your hosting control panel, then you can use the automatic installation of the CMS-System, it will automatically create the database and install the site. Or you can manually upload your website files via FTP to the server in the “public_html” directory, create a database and edit your config file.

Is it possible to get hosting for free?

You can get hosting for free for 3 days of a trial period in order to get acquainted with all the functions and tools for managing and building a website. At the end of the three-day free period, if you liked the service, then simply pay the invoice for renewal.